Removing Chalky Residue During Painting Preparation

Removing Chalky Residue During Painting Preparation

What Is Chalky Paint Residue?

Something that I come across often is chalky residue on the surfaces I’m about to paint.

Chalky residue is caused by the paint breaking down and deteriorating and is something that happens naturally over time. Unfortunately for us painters, the paint will not stick properly to this residue.

Interior Paintwork

If this problem occurs on the interior of your home it is more than likely going to be on your gloss paint work. The best way to get rid of chalky residue on your interior paint is to follow our painting preparation tips and give the surface a good sand. Once you’ve sanded, be sure to give it a thorough wipe down with a slightly damp cloth (not wet).

It is best to have a bucket for this messy work, changing the water regularly whenever the water looks too milky.

Outdoor Paintwork

Chalky residue on your outdoor paint work is mostly due to weather. Over time dust and dirt break down the paint and you could say it’s the paint kind of separating in a dry form.

When removing chalky residue from your outdoor paint work it’s a little bit messier. The best method I’ve found is to add some Sugar Soap and water into a bucket that will fit the head of a soft bristle broom – you can buy wider rectangular buckets from the hardware store.

Dunk the broom head in to bucket and get to work scrubbing anything with this chalky residue on it. You’ll find it most on the gutters and fascia, but can also be on the eaves as well.

I advise scrubbing down one side of the house at a time, hosing off the excess milky water before you proceed on to the next side.

Once your cleaning is complete, again just follow our painting preparation tips before you start painting.

Get The Professionals In

If you get stuck with your preparation, or the job is starting to seem too big, don’t be afraid to call for help. My brisbane painting service specialises in preparation because we know it’s the key to a job well done.

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