Extending The Life Of Your Exterior Paintwork

Extending The Life Of Your Exterior Paintwork


Extending Life Of Exterior PaintworkDirt and grime isn’t the only factor that causes your outdoor paintwork to decay, but it is one of the few factors you have control over.

Typically, the outside of your home will require re-painting every 5 years or so. Using these cleaning tips, you’ll be able to extend that up to ten years.

Before you say it, yes I know giving away this information is probably taking business away from me, but I feel it’s more important to be honest and keep my clients informed about how they can keep their outdoor paintwork in top condition.

Tip 1: Scrubbing Your Soffits

The soffits on a house are the fibro sheeting you find normally facing directly downwards when you look up to your eaves. In most cases these are painted a lighter colour than the rest of the paintwork and as such mold and grime is more visible.

Scrub the soffits on your house with sugar soap at least once a year to keep the mould away.

Tip 2: Insects and Nest Removal

Insects love making nests around your home and as such their little homes contribute to eroding your paintwork.

Clear cobwebs from the corners and around drain pipes as often as possible. I recommend investing in a cobweb clearing stick if you’re living in a two story house, otherwise just use a broom.

Mud wasps and paper wasps are also very common in Brisbane due to the climate. These nests contain all sorts of mud, sap and even decomposing spiders which will damage your paintwork. Clear them away as soon as you notice them or call your local pest control service if it’s too large a nest.

Tip 3: Wall Washing

Dirt and grime eat away at paint and encourage mould growth. The whole problem can be avoided by setting aside a small amount of time every 6 months or so to wash the exterior walls and windows.

Use a small amount of sugar soap along with water from a hose. Scrub the walls gently with a soft bristled broom. In doing this you will be surprised with the difference it makes even to aged paintwork.


Hopefully I’ve inspired a few of you to be more proactive about protecting your outdoor paintwork and getting the most for your money. The longer you stretch out the paint by keeping it in good condition the more you will save in the long run. Consider it an investment.

If you would like more information about painting the exterior of your home in Brisbane or any other painting needs, contact Keigher Painting & Decorating now.

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